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Working Papers

Publications Under Submission

Patents, Papers, and Secrecy:  Contracting over the Disclosure of Scientific and Commercial Knowledge,” (with J. Gans and F. Murray), under revision for resubmission.

The State of American Entrepreneurship? New Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship for 15 US States, 1988-2014,” (with J. Guzman), under submission. 

Clusters and the Great Recession,” (with M. Delgado, and M.E. Porter), under submission.

The Determinants of National Competitiveness,” (with M.E. Porter, M. Delgado and C. Ketels), under submission. 

Biosimilars: Theory, Policy and Empirics,” (with F. Scott Morton and A. Stern), under submission.

“Foundations of Entrepreneurial Strategy,” (with J. Gans and J. Wu), under submission. 

Working Papers

“Control Versus Execution: Endogenous Appropriability and Entrepreneurial Strategy,” (with K. Ching and J. Gans), mimeo, 2014.