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Former Teaching (Updated 12.2018)


Entrepreneurial Strategy (15.911) 

This course provides an integrated strategy framework for innovation-based entrepreneurs. The course is structured to provide a deep understanding of the core strategic choices facing start-up innovators, a synthetic framework for the development and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy in dynamic environments, and the ability to scale those ventures over time.  A central theme of the course is that, to achieve competitive advantage, technology entrepreneurs must balance the process of experimentation and learning inherent to entrepreneurship with the selection and implementation of a strategy that establishes competitive advantage. The course identifies the key choices entrepreneurs make to take advantage of a novel opportunity and the logic of particular strategic commitments and positions that allow entrepreneurs to establish competitive advantage. If you are interested in accessing the cases, readings and course materials please visit

Economics of Ideas, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (15.357)

This doctoral course begins with an introduction to the economics of ideas and uses the economics of ideas to evaluate the origins of invention and discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the diffusion of new technology. The focus throughout is on the microeconomic and institutional foundations for phenomena that have been studied mostly at an aggregate level. The course focuses on (a) the micro-foundations of the knowledge production function (including the role of creativity and the impact of Science), (b) the impact of institutions and strategic interaction on the commercialization of new technology, and (c) the diffusion and welfare impact of ideas and technology. The course emphasizes how the unusual characteristics of ideas can result in social inefficiency, and how the microeconomic and institutional environment influences the gap between private and social welfare. The course includes a mixture (and explicit comparisons of) both theoretical and empirical research.

Past Teaching

15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab 
15.900 Competitive Strategy (MBA & EMBA)
15.390 New Enterprises 
15.351 Introduction to Technological Innovation Management                                                     
15.932 Technology Strategy                                                                                                           
15.949 The Use of Economics and Econometrics in BPS Research                                                
15.968 Explaining Heterogeneity in Firm Performance  
15.971  Economic and Strategic Analysis of High-Technology Industries                                                                

Sample of Past Lectures

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